Sunshine Butter

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Product Overview

Illuminate Your Radiance with Sunshine Butter

Are you ready to infuse your glow with the brilliance of sunshine wherever life takes you? Absolutely!

Our Lemongrass and Sunshine Body Butter, a harmonious blend of indulgent fragrances that not only elevates the spirit but also brings a sense of peace, joy, and smiles throughout your day. Envision the luscious aroma of ripe mangos intertwined with the invigorating notes of lemongrass—a sensorial journey that transcends the ordinary realm of skincare.

This luxurious body butter is a treasure trove of essential vitamins (A, E, D), antioxidants, proteins, and minerals. A true marvel in moisture, it specializes in calming dry and irritated skin, whether it's due to sun exposure, wind, or skin conditions like eczema. Meticulously crafted with the finest, most opulent butters and oils, our sensuous blend effortlessly melds into your skin, providing an unmatched level of hydration.

Key Ingredients:

  • Mango Butter: Promotes collagen synthesis, minimizing scars, and enhancing skin elasticity
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil: Packed with antioxidants, it rejuvenates skin cells and promotes a radiant complexion
  • Rosehip Oil: Rich in vitamins A and C, it brightens and nourishes the skin, reducing the signs of aging
  • Lemongrass: Known for its antimicrobial properties, it cleanses and revitalizes all skin types

How to Use:

  1. Cleanse: Start with a gentle cleanser to prepare your skin for the luxurious experience ahead. Pat dry with a clean towel.

  2. Exfoliate: For enhanced results, use our Exfoliating Body Scrub before applying the body butter. Gently massage in circular motions to slough off dead skin cells, revealing a fresh canvas for the body butter.

  3. Apply Body Butter: Take a generous amount of Sunshine Body Butter and warm it between your palms. Massage it onto your skin using upward motions. Pay extra attention to areas prone to dryness.

  4. Absorption Time: Allow the body butter to absorb into your skin before dressing. This ensures maximum hydration without any greasiness.

  5. Daily Moisturizing: For optimal results, make daily moisturizing a part of your skincare ritual. Embrace the Dame Glowing Skin Method by incorporating our body butter into your daily routine.


Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Macadamia Nut Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Apricot Oil, Pumpkin Oil, Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Baobab Oil, Calendula Oil, Argan Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E, Lemongrass Essential Oil Blend 

Tips for Longevity:

  • Storage: Keep your Sunshine Body Butter away from air, moisture, heat, and direct sunlight to prolong its shelf life. Store it in a cool, dry place.

  • Avoid Extreme Conditions: Remove it from vehicles parked outdoors to prevent exposure to extreme temperatures.

Embrace the sunshine, and let your radiance shine through with Dame Body Butters!


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Sunshine butter smells like how I would imagine sunshine to smell

    Posted by T on Apr 17th 2022

    This butter is a whipped dream. Goes on smooth and silky and leaves my skin soft and supple. And I love the smell so much. Definitely a favorite Dame product.

  • 5

    Posted by Tenisha Arnold on May 28th 2020

    Love it

  • 5

    Posted by Naiyah Scaife on Nov 23rd 2018

    This is SO amazing. It never fells. I've been using it for at least 2 years now and I LOVE it! Lemongrass is one of my favorite sents so it was a no-brainer. I've tried the other butters and they're great as well but if you love lemon GET IT!. It's not too much it is just right. The butter melts in your hand you don't have to force it. Be sure to put it on right after the shower or bath to seal in that moisture. My skin feels amazing ALL the time and men are constantly saying your sent is heaven. I just smile and say it's because I'm a DAME baby! lol.

  • 5
    Best product I have ever put on my body

    Posted by Dustin Young on Jul 10th 2018

    Dames products are definitely the best on the market. The soaps are amazing and the butters are the best I have ever used. My skin thanks me every day.