Dame  Method | Facial Care

Dame Method | Facial Care

The Dame Four-Step Glowing Skin  Method

Step 1 Cleanse

Step 2 Exfoliate 

Step 3 Tone + Hydrate

Step 4 Moisturize

Isn't based on the usual skin types- oily, dry, combination- as so many other programs are. Now while the versions of the method have been optimised for sensitive or acne-prone skin, the action and effect of the products are the same as the rest of the line. At Dame Body we treat problems based on inflammation. Inflammation is the body's self-protective response, triggered by the immune system to destroy harmful "invaders." Inflammation is at the root of all skin problems from acne, hyperpigmentation, to wrinkles. When properly controlled and induced, inflammation can also be harnessed to help repair the skin. This controlled inflammation, also known as controlled stimulation, is the crux of the Dame Method.


The Dame Method is simple and delivers on the promise of transforming your skin. You will receive a vibrant glow and youthful fullness to your complexion. The Dame Method works so well, actually reversing the natural slowing of cellular function, that some people see improvements in as little as three to five days. The Dame Method overturns traditional skin care by shifting the focus from the dermis to the epidermis, the outer most skin layer. Most products and regimens focus on the dermis, the skin's middle layer.

One reason many dermis-focused skin care systems are not effective is that the ingredients, no matter how exotic, are unable to do the work of restoring and repairing the skin if they cannot reach the dermis. The skin must be stimulated to repair itself.

Are you ready to reveal your skin's natural hidden Glow?

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