Camu + Ginger Face SCRUB

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To look younger, your skin needs to be exfoliated everyday.

With the Dame Method, you will start by exfoliating or polishing the epidermis to lay the foundation for transforming your complexion. Gentle exfoliation sends a message to the dermis that repair should begin and fresh cells are needed, expediting the turnover cells in your epidermis. When you are young, facial cell renewal occurs at a rapid pace, which is one reason why young skin looks so vibrant and dewy. As you age, the process slows down. Controlled, repetitive, mechanical stimulation turns back the clock by reenergizing the repair process, reaching the deeper than the epidermis.

The Dame Method changes the order of your skin care routine. With most regimens, you cleanse and then moisturize. As you know now, polishing is the important first step in the regimen, followed by cleansing, toning, then nourishing. You will be polishing once a day, that's all you need to stimulate your skin. I suggest that you exfoliate at night before bed. Your skin repairs itself more efficiently while you sleep.

GINGER & LEMONGRASS Facial Scrub brightens as it exfoliates and detoxifies the skin with its oil reducing astringent properties perfect for those with oily, acne prone, and hyper-pigmenated skin. Organic sea buckthorn extract, calendula, and horsetail oils heal + rebalance your skin allowing, blemish-free skin to resurface. The citrus blend's of orange oil and lemon peel will waken your senses for a energizing burst with every use. Gente enough to use daily. Recommended use 3 times a week. Follow after Ginger and Lemongrass Face Wash.

Ingredients: Manuka honey, Organic Raw Honey, Pink Himalayan Salt, Coconut Sugar, Orange Peels, Rice Flour, Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Horsetail Extract, Marshmallow Root Extract, Gota Kola Extract, Jojoba Oil, White Willow Bark, Licorice, Calendula Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Ginger, Tamanu Oil, Neem Oil, Tumeric, Aloe Vera, Red Algea, Carrot Oil, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Sunflower oil.

To use: Swirl your face scrub around with your finger until it returns to a thick solid paste. Scoop a small amount into your fingers and apply to slightly damp skin and massage in a circular motion to the entire face for 60 seconds.
The key to getting the best results with a facial scrub is not to press hard on the skin, as this will cause irritation, even when using fine grain scrubs. If you feel like your skin can use more exfoliation, it’s better to use it longer (90 seconds) than to apply extra pressure. Let it set on your face for 5-10 minutes (the longer the better) Rinse off with warm water. Pat dry.

Note: Refrigerate for extended shelf life. Natural settling may occur. Use Stir Stick to revive.