We love celebrating all types of bodies

Posted by Dame Sannae on Feb 11th 2023

We love celebrating all types of bodies

We talk a lot about bodies. We compare them, we shame them, we critique them. As if there is a right version. Like there is some type of ultimate goal.

Face goals. Butt goals. Body goals. Goals of what exactly? The same? To be the exact same? To look exactly like another? 

Okay so imagine that actually happened. And you looked like this perfect person. Now she is less perfect because there are two of you. And now more + more until everyone looks like this perceived notion of perfection.  

The same is the same. 

It's overrated. It's bland. 

We have differences for a reason. Excessive fat is bad for your health yes. However it isn't ugly, and to be underweight is also bad for your, health however it also isn't ugly. We should all strive to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. Regardless of what that may look like. We have individual ways of living + manifestation of genes that make our bodies grow in unique ways. We must understand that. 

Don't put women down for not being your preference. It's not her fault for what God has given her. Stop comparing women. Stop putting women against each other. Stop making yourself feel bad because you don't look like your idol. Because you have narrow hips. Or phat thighs. That's what your meant to be. 

You are beautiful because God created you and have you life. It doesn't matter another's opinion of your outside vessel. Simply care for it. Love it. And realize you aren't a mistake. You are meant to be. 

In my opinion the most beautiful version of a woman is the one in which #she loves herself. And lives for herself. Once that happens, you will be less focused on how it looks and more on how it makes you feel. 

Show your body love. 

With all my heart... Love Dame Sannae ♥️