Aromatherapy Flower Essence

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 Flower elixirs are catalysts for emotional + mental + spiritual transformation.

They assist in aligning and attuning to our more subtle energies and their impact upon our physical life.

They assist us in developing an awareness of the archetypal patterns of energy that operate in and through nature.

It is this same energy pattern that is infused to the liquid.

The liquid is then used to alter transmute or create new vibrational patterns, ones that will assist you in achieving particular functions + purposes .

Let your skin absorb the powers of an aromatic flower elixr perfume


Rub your fragrant oil along the neck + wrists to boost mood + concentration + promote feelings of happiness + find emotional balance while nourishing your skin. 


Sunshine Elixir: 


Sunflower - balances the ego + awakens the inner light of divine inspiration; assists in realizing capabilities of the soul.

Calendula - awakens the healing power of words.

 Aroma: bright + energizing citus + semi-sweet tropical notes.

Jasmine Rose Elixir


Jasmine - raising self-esteem and strongly affects the heart chakra; stimulates mental clarity and practicality. Eases time of great transformation.


Lavender - activates the crown chakra and stimulates mental awareness; helps open visionary states + helps establish emotional balance.





Lavender - soothing to nerves + too over-sensitivity to psychic + spiritual experiences.

Rose - awakens love + inspiration; helps attune to the angelic hierarchies + the divine feminine.

Aroma: Signature Jasmine Rose jasmine, demascus rose, lavender, geranium, ylang-ylang

Dame Nectar Elixir: 


White Rose 



Rose - awakens love + inspiration; helps attune to the angelic hierarchies + the divine feminine.

Aroma: Signature Dame Nectar, white rose + grassy notes

Green Tea Elixir:  




Green Tea



Sage - assists in awakening to inner world experiences; slows aging process; understanding life experiences

Rosemary - stimulates mental functions

Aroma: bright + clean + fresh aroma of Bamboo + Green Tea to ease you into alignment to cease new opportunities. 

 Amber Elixir: 


Patchouli -  calms emotions in strife and is a fragrance that can be used to ease argumentative conditions and environments. Known as an aphrodisiac partly because its effect upon the feminine energies of the body

Sandalwood - balancing + stimulating + healing + protecting; stimulates greater concentration in any activity



Mugwort - awakenings greater awareness of spiritual influence + understanding of dreams; assists in making you more conscious of your psychic energies.

 Aroma: warm grounding raw amber, white patchouli and sandalwood oil. 



All Blends Are:

•Alcohol Free

•Toxin Free

•Paraben Free

•Petroleum + Mineral Oil Free