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As I blossomed into the woman I am today, I realized, like many other women, the products I was using on my skin were leaving much to be desired. Every year numerous beauty brands “promise” amazing results in just a few short weeks, but never work. Not only was I tired of these “promises”, I was tired of being loyal to brands who use harsh chemical ingredients that often make women’s skin worse. I was tired of the lies. In 2012, I emptied my cabinets and set out on a hunt for effective, healthy alternatives. The search was overwhelming and expensive. Unable to find anything that met the needs of my skin, I decided I would make my own products. Products that would restore nourish, and protect my skin, safely.

My passion inspired me to include the women in my life in my process. I had endless conversations with family and friends about their skin concerns. After putting in extensive research, personal and financial investment, and travelling across the country; I was delighted to see the reaction of my family, friends, and clients. They were blown away by how smooth and clean their skin felt after using my small batch blends. I knew my recipes had to be shared with every woman wanting noticeably soft, smooth, toned skin. Dame Body Scrubs are handmade farm to face and fresh to order with mineral-rich salts and locally sourced organic plant-based exfoliants that open pores and assist the body in eliminating toxins and absorbing moisture. Revealing fresh healthy skin that’s soft, toned, and moisturized. Over the years I have expanded the Butters & Scrubs brand to offer a full line of botanical body and facial care products to serve all genders.


At Dame Body, we encourage everyone to toss out their artificial products and educate themselves on the significance of their skin’s Natural Glow. I developed a 3-step skincare system, called: The Dame Method. This dynamic skin system demonstrates to consumers the advantages a natural approach to beauty routines can make for their skin, as well as the way they feel about their bodies. They’re amazed to see how well their skin responds and how toxic additives are unnecessary in skin care products. In 2016, I launched my first series of Beauty and Wellness Basics workshops to offer full spectrum support to our Dames. We promote positive self-image, self care, the power in both healthy lifestyle changes and sisterhood. We share and demonstrate new holistic beauty practices to guide our clients along their skin care journey. Learning about natural skin care changes the way you view your skin and how you treat it. The use of oils and vitamin rich extracts are finally being recognized for their power in the world of natural beauty. Oils and vitamin rich extracts have the ability to benefit the skin, providing anti-aging, scar reduction, balancing the skin’s natural hydration, and even reversing sun damage without a multitude of artificial ingredients. Our clients return quickly after their first order, raving about how great their skin looks and feels. It’s a wonderful & rewarding feeling for our team.

While I am proud to be a trailblazer in the shift of collective consciousness, we are just beginning to tap into nature’s wonders, as emerging plants from various regions around the world are being researched and integrated into the world of natural skin care. To date Dame Body has been self funded, with all other funding coming from the income generated by sales.


Summer 2019, I will reopen our manufacturing facility as a FDA certified laboratory. The move will allow me to expand my product offerings, educational sales training program and offer more in-depth workshops and webinars. The space will also serve as a natural beauty and wellness spa in Los Angeles that will focus on women's overall wellness. We will provide made in house skin care products, nutritional supptoments from high quality vendors, fresh cold pressed juices and elixirs, pop up health care services, mental health services, workshops, and our one of a kind Dame Beauty Ritual Bar for customized body scrubs and other botanical blends.

No two Dames are alike. We all are unique with our own individual needs. My customized beauty ritual bar originated from clients with food allergy restrictions commonly found in natural blends, who began requesting custom blends. The Dame Beauty Ritual Bar is a unique and innovative interactive concept, empowering you to reveal your natural glow. From skin softening coconut sugars and detoxifying mineral salts, to aromatic sun dried fruit peels, soothing flower petals, and exotic seed, nut, and plant oils our bar will be stocked with an assortment of powerhouse ingredients you can you smell, touch, and experience. Our “have-it-your-way” concept will customize blends using our selection of bases, carrier oils, actives & essences. Our staff will walk you through the process; mix scrub ingredients in a small bowl to your desired consistency and fragrance level. Scrub consistency and fragrance level are subjective – add as little of the carrier oils and essences as you like. Over 400 variations are possible as well as made fresh to order.

The concept consists of four parts:





With 15 years in the hospitality industry opening new restaurants throughout the US and Middle East, and 6 years in wellness, I have come to know the significance not only of quality skin care, but quality lifestyle changes can make a noticeable difference on the entire body. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and beauty regimen today will be reflected in the way your skin looks both today and 10 years down the road. We want to nourish and protect our skin daily from the inside out to allow the best foundation for life. It’s always easier to maintain a youthful look than to reverse damage that’s already been done. I believe behind every person’s success is a tribe, a community, and a system of support. Some people might like to think they’ve gotten here on their own. Sure hard work, commitment, perseverance is part of the equation but honestly. My community is what has given me wings.

With Your Support This Campaign Will Support To Fund:

Build Out of the Physical Store Including: Fixtures, Lights, Shelving, and the beautiful Dame Beauty Ritual Bar Installation

Commercial Equipment for Product Production


FDA Certification

USDA National Organic Program



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We’re so excited for this new chapter in our journey. Thank you so much in advance for your support. Every bit helps. We love our community!