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Our Story

 Sannae - charm, passion, sunshine. 

My mother always calls me her Sunshine. Her name Raina, means Queen in Spanish. Making her Queen Sunshine. See, my grandmother, mother, and myself all have the middle name, Sannae. My mother reminds often that my daughter will too be a Sannae. So it was really sentimental the Dame golden triangle be divided into 3. I am Sannae III

I began my natural beauty + wellness journey with the desire to relearn what my body liked, needed, and what I wasn't willing to compromise on. Taking things back to a much simpler time. Returning to mother nature. Back to when farm fresh natural beauty remedies was the way of life for a Creole Dame in Louisiana. My grandmother moved to Los Angeles, but passed her Southern roots to me. My nourishing blends are what I believe my grandmother Kathyrn would have enjoyed using today.

I hope you do as well. 

~ Dame Sannae

Dame Body Butters and Scrubs began with my development of a moisturizing body scrub in response to my own difficulty with dry flaky skin. I was traveling frequently for work as a new store opening corporate trainer for The Counter Custom Built Burgers + spending long hours out on the go. If I couldn’t exfoliate or moisturize in the shower, it didn't get done. Not that I didn’t want to nor was I proud that I hadn’t, I just didn’t have the time, and when I did get around to it, nothing worked. They smelled great, but nothing held moisture to keep my skin soft and smooth like the bottle promised it would. I had enough of buying every product under the sun for years, and years of products that rarely helped and often made my skin worse.


Eventually I decided that it might be the chemicals in many of the skin and beauty products I was using that were contributing to the problem in the first place.

Through my discoveries I learned the toxicity of many personal care products. There are over 10,000 chemical ingredients use in these products, some of which are known to be carcinogens + hormone disruptors harmful to the reproductive system. I threw out practically all my beauty products and spent months trying to find the best natural, safe, toxic free, effective skincare products. I made a commitment to myself to care about what I put on my body just as much as I did what went in my body. And believe me that needed some cleaning up too. But after being unable to find anything that truly met my needs, I decided I would make my own. I knew there was a way to have high quality, effective, aromatically gorgeous products minus the fake stuff.


A business trip through the spice markets of Dubai changed my life. The bright vibrant colors, exotic herbs, ancient traditions took me back to roots.

From there I went about dedicating all of my time to finding the perfect combination of nourishing oils, nutrient rich extracts, detoxifying salts, and moisture-rich butters to make a safe and effective body scrub that didn't rely on harsh chemicals and allowed me to moisturize in the shower!

After putting a lot of hard work into the development process, I was delighted to find that when my family and friends tried my products, they were blown away by how great they worked and how soft and smooth their skin felt afterward. It was then that I knew I had to share my blends with the world.

With a little self love + care + really good skincare

Your skin reveals it's natural radiant Glow.




Dame Body Scrubs are specially formulated with organic mineral-rich salts and plant-based exfoliants that will open pores and assist the body in eliminating toxins and absorbing moisture. Dame Body Scrubs reveal skin that’s bouncy, nourished, hydrated, and moisturized. Since the start of Dame Body in 2012, we have expanded the brand to cover a full line of skincare products for both women and men, beauty and wellness workshops, the Dames Club, the

Dame Glowing Skin Method + Build Your Own Scrub Bar.


Our Dame Team is wholeheartedly committed to helping those transitioning into clean beauty with the knowledge, tools, inspiration, and personal power to reveal your skin's natural glow!