Dame Affiliate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do once I'm accepted into the program? 

Using your unique referral link (The Standard Affiliate Commission is 20%), we’ll know when traffic and sales are coming from you 

How are sales tracked?

In order to get the most commission possible within a month (no commission cap!), you just need to send people to the site using your link. If friends, family, or followers make a purchase through your unique referral link, you get a percentage of that sale. Sales are tracked through unique links generated by Refersion. The purchaser must have cookies enabled in their browser for us to track the sale.

What if I refer someone to Dame Body, but they don’t purchase right away?  What if they come back later but go directly to the page without using my link?
Cookies are tracked for 30 days, so you can still earn a commission up to 30 days after someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase.

How do I keep track of how much commission I’ve earned?
Once you’re logged into Refersion look at the dashboard.  From here, you can see your month-to-date earnings, year-to-date earnings, and total earnings for the affiliate program.  

How will I be paid, and how soon after a sale will I receive my payment?
We pay 20% commission!
 You will be paid via PayPal. and direct deposit. Payments will be processed every month for the month prior. So if you earned over $50 between June 1st and June 30th, you will receive $50 via PayPal on July 15th. 

Does being an affiliate cost anything? Do I get kicked out of the program if I don't make a sale?

There are no penalties for no sales being made, and being a Dame affiliate is free!

What if I have more questions?
Just send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!  We’re so excited to have you Dame!