Build Your Own Custom Body Scrub

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We Dames are not one of the same. Neither should your Body Scrubs. Maybe your skin craves skin softening coconut sugar, or a stringer scrubbing power like cranberry or apricot seeds. Have you ever rubbed fresh ground almonds all over your body? What about Honey Powder? Are you allergic to certain oils that just seem to be in every product you pick up? Let Dame Body personalized a body scrub that was made for your body. Build Your Own Body Scrub.

Exfoliating. Smoothing. Cleansing. Dame Body Scrubs are hand-crafted naturally, free from chemicals, parabens, preservatives, and skin drying detergents, with no animal bi-products. Body Scrubs provide thorough exfoliation and give your skin a wonderful aroma. Our antioxidant-rich body scrubs detoxify, re-mineralize, massage, and boost circulation and cell re-growth with every motion. Instantly making your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. Preparing your skin for Dame Body Butters’ moisturizing and healing effects.