4 -Step Dame Glow Method Kit

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The Dame Method
Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Exfoliate
Step 3: Hydrate & Tone
Step 4: Moisturize

At Dame Body we treat problems based on inflammation. Inflammation is the body's self-protective response, triggered by the immune system to destroy harmful "invaders." Inflammation is at the root of all skin problems from acne, hyperpigmentation, to wrinkles.

The Dame Method is simple and delivers on the promise of transforming your skin. You will receive a vibrant glow and youthful fullness to your complexion. The anti-aging method works so well, actually reversing the natural slowing of cellular function, that some people see improvements in as little as three to five days.
Dame Sannae’s botanical facial care line, contains result oriented products aligned with nature, to support your body’s natural processes. Specialty formulated with organic and wild harvested herbs, fruits, seeds, florals, and oils; adapting to your skin through their targeted delivery system to: Bring your skin into a healthy balance that is unique to you and maintain that healthy balance.

Complete Facial Kit Includes:
Manuka Honey Face Wash
Manuka Honey Face Scrub
Hydrating Orange Blossom Toner
Raw Face Serum